Hi! I'm Ayan,
a post-doctoral researcher at the
INAF-Padova Astronomical Observatory, Padova, Italy.

I am interested in galaxy evolution
using mock observables and emission line spectra.

About Me

I am an Indian post-doctoral researcher, currently based at INAF-Padova in Italy. Before this I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Baltimore. I completed my PhD at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra. I had completed my integrated Bachelors-Masters course in Physics, from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, with an astronomy project for my Masters thesis. I moved to Canberra immediately after my Masters, for my PhD. Thereafter, I moved to Baltimore for my post-doc in January 2021, and in April 2024 I moved to Padova.

At INAF-Padova I am a part of the JWST-PASSAGE team working on JWST/NIRISS data. I also continue to be a part of the FOGGIE group led by Molly Peeles and Jason Tumlinson at JHU. At ANU I worked with Lisa Kewley, Mark Krumholz, and Christoph Federrath. My broad research interest involves studying how galaxies evolve across cosmic time by producing mock observations of nearby galaxies and carrying out spectroscopic observations of very distant galaxies.

While I was at ANU I was actively involved in astronomy outreach activities at Mount Stromlo Observatory, hosting both public and private outreach nights. I love talking to non-astronomers about the research that we do here!

Outside astronomy, I like cooking and outdoor activities, among other things!

More about me

Brief descriptions of my activities, research and otherwise, can be found in the links below.

Contact me

Got any questions about my work? Feel free to get in touch.

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    INAF-Padova Astronomical Observatory,
    Vicolo Observatory 5,
    Padua 35122

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    +35 351-429-4809